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Deep DivesNotes on Process: Designing a Visual Identity for the Gentilly Resilience District

Collection of Collections on finding a visual identity for the City of New Orleans's $141 million Gentilly Resilience District.

RootsTrauma, Resistance, Transformation

For Black people, we must remember water as sites of violence and trauma, and also resistance, healing, and transformation.

BuoysBayou St. John at the Center

A personal history of a tattoo and beloved waterway.

MapPlantations and Meanders

Two maps depict the path of the Mississippi River and the land around it. What do these maps show us about how we have understood the river and our relationship to it?

RootsBulbancha / New Orleans

A brief introduction to why this project is both "Water Map New Orleans" and "Water Map Bulbancha," with resources for learning more about Bulbancha.

BuoysThe Canal Gardens of Village de l'Est

An introduction to the origins of Vietnamese canal gardens in New Orleans East.

MapWhere are we in the process?

Since summer 2020, a multidisciplinary team has been collecting data, researching histories, developing graphics, and creating prototypes.

MapIntroducing the Water Map

Where can I fish or put a boat in water? Or maybe visit with alligators? How do I learn about drainage pump stations or where my sewage is treated?

RootsWater Flows Downhill

Rivers are usually in the lowest part of a landscape, but that's not the case here in the delta.